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Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse
Steel structure workshop design
Steel structure workshop design
Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse
Steel structure workshop design
Steel structure workshop design
Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse

Model NO.:Vanon-W23

Port: Ningbo, China 

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union

Member: Steel Beam 

Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse - Hanau Building Design

Model NO. Vanon-W23
Window PVC or Aluminium Alloy Window
Purlin C/Z Shape Steel Channe
Structure Usage 50 - 100 Years
Door Sliding Door, Rolling Door etc.
Surface Treatment Coated, Lacquered
Transport Package Sea Worthy Packing in Container
Specification Customized
Type of Steel For Building Structure High-Strength Steel
Application Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House

steel structure buildings,steel structure homes



  Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse - If you go to a steel structure workshop, you will find that the steel structure used in these workshops is very strong and firm, instead of the traditional brick-concrete structure. The steel structure is definitely better than the traditional brick-concrete structure. Workshop, do you know what the construction process of a steel structure workshop is like? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.


  1. Obtain a land permit


  This must be done before construction. Whether in China or abroad, this is the first step to ensure the legality of housing construction.


  2. Finalize the design drawings


  Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse - Then consider the surrounding environment, including topography and other factors, conduct preliminary communication with customers, and determine the design plan. After completing this part, the design company will confirm the design drawings, communicate with the customer again, and even finalize the draft.


  3. Factory assembly line production


  After the drawings are finalized, the construction process of the steel structure workshop comes to the production link.


  4. On-site construction and erection


  Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse - After the assembly line is produced and processed, the steel structure will be sent to the site for installation. After the installation is complete, the workshop is decorated. This method can shorten the construction period to the greatest extent and shorten the construction period. It also reduces labor costs, and another very important thing is to reduce the construction waste on the construction site.


  Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse - Finally, the construction process of the steel structure workshop also includes the inspection and acceptance by the relevant departments. After all the construction is completed, it is the acceptance process. The relevant national and government quality inspection departments will carry out the construction of the steel structure workshop we built Acceptance and delivery after completion.

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