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Multi storey industrial building
steel structure buildings
Multi storey industrial building
steel structure buildings
Multi storey industrial building

Model NO.:Vanon-H013

Port: Shanghai, China 

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram 

Multi storey industrial building - hanau building design

Model NO. Vanon-H013
Production Capacity 5000t/M
Material Steel Structure
Usage Warehouse
Certification ISO, CE
Purlin C/Z Galvanized Steel(Q235)
Main Frame Solid H-Shape Steel Beam
Specification Customized
Grade Steel Structure
Transport Package Standard Sea Worthy Package for 2019New Style Met



steel structure buildings,steel structure homes

  Multi storey industrial building - Before starting the formal construction of the steel structure workshop, it is necessary to have a specific steel structure workshop construction schedule, which includes many parts, such as overall deployment, flow sequence, organizational structure, etc., in the following article we will focus on the plan The specific content included.


  1. Overall construction deployment


  In order to complete the construction tasks more satisfactorily, what must be done during construction is to strictly implement the relevant national construction codes.


  2. the flow sequence


  Multi storey industrial building - Special attention should be paid to the flow sequence in the construction schedule of the steel structure workshop. Generally speaking, the civil construction should be started first, then the steel structure installation, and finally the roof panel installation.


  3. Construction organization


  Multi storey industrial building - Before construction, strict management settings must be carried out, with the project manager as the head, and the related organizational structure deployed under it. The responsibilities of each member are also different between different positions.


  1. What the project manager needs to do is to earnestly implement and implement the relevant national and superior rules and regulations to ensure that the steel structure workshop can smoothly complete the tasks in accordance with various economic and technical indicators. In addition, it is necessary to arrange the organization and design of the engineering project, including the setting of various schedules and technical solutions to ensure the safe and efficient development of the project.


  2. The organizational structure also includes the deputy project manager. The main responsibility of this post is to allocate resources, including funds, equipment, technology, personnel, etc., according to the quality of the project to implement supervision responsibilities to ensure the quality of the project, Whether the construction can be completed according to the schedule, and the safety of the construction process.


  Multi storey industrial building - The content of the construction schedule of the steel structure workshop has been introduced for everyone here. You may wish to refer to it during the construction, so as to complete the construction smoothly.

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