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Light Steel HouseVilla House
Light Steel HouseVilla House
Light Steel HouseVilla House
Light Steel Villa
Light Steel Villa
Light Steel HouseVilla House
Light Steel HouseVilla House
Light Steel HouseVilla House
Light Steel Villa
Light Steel Villa
Insulation Proof Light Steel Frame Prefabricated Modular HouseVilla House

Marerial:           Galvanized Light Gauge Steel

Usage:              Building

Certification:     ISO  CE 

Light Steel HouseVilla House - hanau building design

Light Steel HouseVilla House



  Light Steel HouseVilla House - Hanau Building Design's main business covers more than 20 cities and regions around the world. It is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group that integrates steel processing, logistics and distribution, warehousing supervision, and steel trading.


  Light Steel HouseVilla House - Advantages of steel structure (used in steel structure buildings with fully customizable steel structures that are easy to assemble)


  1. The tensile strength of steel is much greater than that of concrete.


  2. Steel is also ductile in nature.


  3. Compared with concrete, steel also has a higher strength-to-weight ratio.


  4. When the time span is small, steel structure is also preferred. The construction speed is very fast.


  5. The steel bars can also be reused.


  6. The steel structure can extend in any direction.


  7. Compared with concrete columns, steel columns are smaller, so doing can provide more space for other functions.


  8. Since the steel structure is lighter than concrete, the cost of use is reduced, and the foundation of the structure becomes cheaper.


  9. Steel structure is cost-effective.


  Light Steel HouseVilla House - Hanau building design is an architectural design company with decades of experience. Steel structure design projects are exported to dozens of countries and regions overseas, and have long-term cooperation with many architectural design agencies. Welcome customers and friends to discuss cooperation. Thank you.

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