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Container house Suppliers
Container house Suppliers
Container house
Container house
Container house
Container house Suppliers
Container house Suppliers
Container house
Container house
Container house
Container house-20FT HOUSE

Marerial:           Steel Structure

Usage:              Building

Certification:     ISO  CE 

Container house Suppliers - Hanau Building Design

Container house Suppliers


  Container House is a construction product which is mobile,


  prefabricated and reusable.


  The house adopts standardized design, factory production,


  and takes the cabinet as the elemental unit.


  Container house is not only fit for individual usage,


  but also for spacious room application formed by various horizontal and vertical direction combination.


  Container house Suppliers - Container house structure


  uses standardized structural elements that are welded by profile steel or cold-formed thin-wall steel.


  Combined container houses is connected and fastened by high strength screws,


  so that the house structure is simple,


  easy to install.


  The Container house is widely used for real estate development exhibition hall,


  product sale showroom,


  temporary reception center,


  commercial temporary office, store and so on.


  All frames and appearances can be customized, and we also provide other optional ones.


  Our product size is 2438 * 6058 * 2896, which is basically 20 feet.


  To facilitate handling of any situation,


  Our products can be built in many layers and can be expanded.


  Because it is easy to expand, it can easily become a dormitory, office, coffee shop and your luxury residence.


  Product detailed information display: 1.


  House size: 6 * 3 * 2.7M (20 feet container) 2. Wall/roof material: 50 mm EPS sandwich panel 3.


  Floor material: 15 mm


  Mgo plate 4. Cylinder size: 100 * 100 * 2.5 mm steel pipe 5.


  Container house Suppliers - We can customize the size, or Bigger. 6. Electric and other accessories (toilet/bathroom/kitchen) can be placed as other options.

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